Making A Difference Where It Matters

It all started with a Silverfish…

That little Silverfish was the catalyst for us to start sharing ideas as to how we could use our passion for plants to benefit a wider audience. From there Silver Roots has grown from those humble beginnings, into an ethical retail and online retail community. We are not just selling plants, we are growing local communities and making a difference where it matters. In the hearts of our customers and in the culture of house plant retailing. 

What Makes Our Plants Sustainable?

The planet and humanity currently face three main interlinked issues; climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. So we do things a little differently here to be the change we wish to see in the world. Growing our own plants gives us complete control over our carbon emissions, pollution and helps us make choices that protect biodiversity loss. 

Peat is the largest natural terrestrial carbon store, holding in the order of 3 billion tonnes of carbon. It sequesters more carbon than all other vegetation types in the world combined. Once peat-lands are damaged, they can take up to 100 years to regrow and heal. So let's keep Peat bogs safe, destroying them to make compost contributes to climate change. That we can change.


Plectranthus Barbatus


Tradescantia Fluminensis Oureo-Variegata


Ceropegia Woodii Variegata


Begonia Pink Spot


Tradescantia Mundula Green Hill


Peperomia Ferreyrae

Epipremnum Aureum


Callisia Repens


What The Community Thinks

Elisabeth Wylson
Elisabeth Wylson
28. October, 2022.
Lovely shop, perfect plants for gifts and for home. Bethan is amazingly talented, the shop is filled with humidifiers and all sorts of scientific trinkets to keep her plants happy!
John H
John H
27. May, 2022.
Great online plant shop! Ordered a box of mystery cuttings which was great fun and got some interesting and very healthy plants. Very responsive to messages, happy to chat about aftercare - would definitely recommend 😊
Max Moorcroft
Max Moorcroft
15. December, 2021.
I bought a Lemon-lime maranta around 5 months ago. I bought a slightly damaged one so that it was cheaper. Whenever I contacted them to ask questions, they were brilliant and got back to me very swiftly. I recon if there ever was a problem with an order (mine had no problems), then they would deal with it very well. They also gave me tips on how best to look after it. The cutting came in a cardboard box with tissue paper inside, to ensure roots didn’t get damaged. (Other companies need to learn from them how to reduce plastic waste). My maranta has tripled in size, and has grown very healthy leaves. It is still a young plant so don’t want to cut off the original damaged leaves yet. It’s definitely worth asking if they have any discounted damaged stock if you are unable to afford an undamaged cutting. Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting a houseplant, especially if you are relatively new to keeping plants.
Olivia Walters
Olivia Walters
23. February, 2021.
Fantastic quality and care would absolutely reccomended
21. February, 2021.
Silver Roots has a great selection of plants, including some you won't see elsewhere. My order arrived in good time, and the plants were extremely well packaged. This is the second order I have made and I can recommend Silver Roots highly.
4. January, 2021.
Lovely service and selection of plants. Bought 5 baby plants and had them delivered. I was a little worried about the delivery but they arrived in good state 🙂
Holly Shea
Holly Shea
26. November, 2020.
Gorgeous Small business, one to watch and support x

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