“A dried plant is nothing but a sign to plant a new one.”

― Priyansh Shah

Here at Silver Roots, each individual team member shares a similar relatable story on how they caught the plant bug, building our very own jungles and knowledge of plants and their needs.


We have been collecting and growing for over 25 years, collectively. With that experience under our belts, we know what like-minded plant lovers struggle with, from novice to expert.

Do you want a new plant baby to raise?  A statement piece for your home? Maybe a gift for a loved one? At Silver Roots, we offer a range of products, from plants to handmade homeware and lots more!

We are five crazy plant lovers, ready to grow and build a community with you and other fellow plant addicts, offering ideas, inspiration and shopping, like you have never seen before!

We are based across the UK, ranging from Scotland to Devon.

Our HQ is within the North East of England.

Thankyou for "potting" by!

- The Silver Roots team.



Mother of Tradescantia

Our Scottish Bonnie lass.

  • Admitted plant addict.

  • 200 house plants (estimated).

  • Has the group chat muted because she's sick of the team asking for her to pronounce words.

  • The addiction started in the garden... but the bug quickly spread to her house.

  • If you need help with your Tradescantia, she's the lassy to help!


Mother of Ferns

Our Liverpool bird.​

  • This bird can propagate like no ones business.

  • 160 house plants (estimated).

  • Queen baker of mouthwatering vegan goodies @ TastyVeganCakeCo.

  • Started with a Ficus Benjamina... now she is a green witch with an indoor forest.

  • If you need help with your Ferns, she's the girl to help!



Mother of Alocasia

Our County Durham lass.

  • Small but mighty - the best things come in small packages!

  • 60 house plants (estimated).

  • Sucker for rare and unusual plants.

  • Started with a Monstera to liven up her bedroom, now she can't get into bed as the plants claimed that space, too.

  • If you need help with your Alocasia, she's the girl to help!


Mother of Calathea

Our Teesside forest child.

  • Queen of the forest pixies. Has been prancing through meadows for centuries.

  • 100 house plants (estimated).

  • Offical Crafter @ Magramejungle, creating beautiful hanging homes for your plants.

  • It all started with an Aloe Vera thinking it would soothe her skin, but instead wreaked havoc on her bank account.

  • If you need help with your Calathea, she's the girl to help!



Mother of Begonia

Our Southern Fairy. ​

  • Mother nature herself. Jack of all trades-cantia.

  • 115 house plants (estimated).

  • If she doesn't own a plant herself, you can guarantee her Sims will own it instead!

  • It all started with a spider plant... now Bethan can't leave the house because she's inundated with one of every plant in existence.

  • If you need help with your Begonia, she's the girl to help!