Begonia Amphioxus Terrarium – DIY Kit



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Your kit will include everything you need to create your own mini jungle in a glass jar at home. Including easy to follow guides in which our plant experts will run you through how to make a beautiful and unique terrarium.


Kit Includes


  • Large hand blown eco-glass jar with cork lid. Made from recycled glass. Dimensions 25cm H x 19cm W 
  • 1 x Cork tamper – the perfect terrarium tool to get going.
  • Medium stones for a drainage layer. 
  • Activated charcoal to help purify water. 
  • Substrate suitable for your Begonia. 
  • 1 x Begonia Amphioxus  
  • Moss to add humidity and decoration.
  • Some larger pebbles for decoration.
  • A instructional video – (link)
  • A printed step-by-step guide with pictures
  • A care guide (further tips can be found below in our care section)
  • Additional options to upgrade or add extras in for a fully customizable experience. 


Please note: You will receive enough if not more of the materials you need to build your mini jungle, Some plants may need to be split in order to fit in comfortably. If you have any questions about how to build your terrarium please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance via or our social media accounts.

Once your terrarium is built, place it somewhere in bright natural light (avoid direct sunlight). Your terrarium will do better in a warm room.

Terrariums should have some moisture on the walls. However if you notice so much condensation on the walls of your terrarium that you can’t see the plants it probably has too much moisture. Remove the lid for a few hours to let some moisture out. At this point check for mould or rotted leaves in your terrarium. Remove any rotted leaves or mould from your terrarium. The only exception is if the temperature of the room has suddenly dropped, this may cause condensation to form but should clear when the temperature equalises.

If you notice any plants going limp, crispy or yellow use your finger to check if the soil has dried up. If it has, use a spray bottle or turkey baster to add a little filtered water, avoiding getting water on the leaves.

If any plants get too tall or wide for the terrarium simply trim the plant down or remove it and replace with a smaller plant.


**Please note**

This plants need extremely high humidity so we only recommend closed topped terrariums for it to thrive. Hence why only one glass wear is an option here.


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