Euphoria Pulcherima ‘Poinsettia’, Assorted Colours – 8cm



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Poinsettia are commonly known as Mexican flame leaf and christmas star. They are native to Mexico and Central America. It grows in a wet and moist habitat made up of ravines or rocky hillsides. Often used in the UK around christmas time to decorate and thrown out after but with research, care and attention, you can keep this plant growing year round and enjoy its blooms each winter. Dark green beautifully detailed leaves and a display of beautiful coloured foliage. Poinsettia are traditionally known as being red but they come in an array of colours. You can enjoy seeing these plants in white, yellow, orange, pink, red and variegated varieties. They are sensitive to the cold and will drop leaves when they aren’t happy so don’t leave near any draughty windows or doors and be sure to give it sufficient light.  Poinsettia plants are actually small trees, so when given the right conditions they can reach heights of 3-10 feet and grow as wide as 3-7 feet.


This plant is toxic to humans and animals 

Not sold with ceramic not shown in picture 

*Please note plants may have been watered before shipping, do not water upon arrival* 


Part sun, part shade (indirect light) – Plants with this requirement are easy to find a perfect spot for. West- or East-facing windows are great for these or even a spot further away from a very sunny window. Top Tip – Plants tend to grow towards the light – rotate your plant every time you water it to make them grow evenly.


Medium demand – Before you water always feel the soil the top layer should be dry before giving more water. This plant loves water but does not want their roots to live in water, so water well and then let the soil almost dry out before watering again. If the plant gets too much water, it is at risk of rot. Water type

unsensitive – Normal tap water is fine for this plant.
These are the recommended temperatures for your plant to thrive, making it happy and healthy:15°C-22°C.


Once a month all year round


Normal humidity – This plant is okay with normal humidity. If you find your house is really dry you can increase humidity by using pebble trays under your pots, by grouping plants close together, by misting in the morning and of course using a humidifier.


Standard houseplant mix – You want the soil to be moist but well-draining. Try 2 parts coco coir or potting mix and 1-part perlite. If the plant is drying out too quickly in your environment, then use less perlite. Conversely if the soil is staying too soggy add more perlite.


toxic to animals and humans.

As with any plant, do not repot within 1-2 weeks of receiving as you need your plant to acclimatise to your house and recover from the stress of shipping.

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