Haworthia Fasciata Alba – 8cm



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The Haworthia Alba is a succulent from South Africa. It has tight packed Rosette shaped leafy clusters. They’re dark green with thick white bands giving this succulent a very bold zebra pattern. It can grow up to 5 inches in height and 8 inches in width.

Not toxic to animals and humans.

Does not come with cover pot shown in photo.

*Please note* Plants may have been watered before shipping, do not water upon arrival unless they are dry.


Part sun, part shade (indirect light) – Plants with this requirement are easy to find a perfect spot for. West- or East-facing windows are great for these or even a spot further away from a very sunny

Top Tip – Plants tend to grow towards the light – rotate your plant every time you water it to make them grow evenly.


Low demand – Before you water always feel the soil all the soil should be dry before watering again. Water well and then allow the soil too dry out fully before watering again. If the plant gets too much
water, it is at risk of rot.

Water type unsensitive – Normal tap water is fine for this plant.



These are the recommended temperatures for your plant to thrive, making it happy and healthy: 10°C-35°C



Growth period – The growth period for this plant is winter/spring

In optimal conditions, it should be fertilised during the growth period because this will assist in keeping your plant alive as well as promote healthy growth. You can use a diluted liquid fertiliser or sprinkle a solid fertiliser (Silver Soil Booster) on top of the soil. Always follow the product instructions.

Resting period – The growth period for this plant is summer/autumn 

Only fertilise this plant in its resting period  if it is actively growing (putting out new leaves) and use a weak fertiliser at half the recommended dose. Most plants will go dormant in and stop growing so will not need fertilisation. If you were to fertilise a dormant plant it won’t absorb the nutrients which will stay in the soil and can cause chemical burn to the plant. 


Dry humidity – This plant doesn’t require any humidity to thrive.


Succulent/Peperomia mix – These plants tend to have fleshy, water filled leaves so require a well-draining soil to avoid overwatering. Try 1-part coco coir or potting mix + 1-part perlite. Alternatively, you can use cactus premade cactus soil.


Non toxic.


As with any plant, do not repot within 1-2 weeks of receiving as you need your plant to acclimatise to your house and recover from the stress of shipping.

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