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Philodendron Brandtianum is also commonly known as Silver Leaf Philodendron or Brandi Philodendron. Like a lot of philodendrons it has heart shaped leaves with a silvery- grey variegation, the leaves grow to be medium to large in size and as they mature they take on this mottled appearance giving its name ‘silver leaf’. This is a fast growing vining plant with a bushy nature. A beautiful addition to any plant lover’s collection. You can let it trail or grow it up a moss pole. This plant can reach up to a maximum height of 1 metre or more. 

It is toxic to humans and animals.

This plant comes with a free  nursery pot.

*Please note*

It does not come with the ceramic pot shown in the pictures. But if you would love one too you can add your own Deep Rooted Potagate Pot to your basket. 

This plant may have been watered before shipping – please do not water upon arrival unless the soil is completely dry.


Care Guide for your Philodendron Brandtianum

What Lighting Do I Need For My Philodendron Brandtianum?

Part sun, part shade (indirect light) – Plants with this requirement are easy to find a perfect spot for. West or East facing windows are great for your Philodendron Brandtianum, or even a spot a short distance from a very sunny window.

*Top Tip: Plants grow towards light, rotate your Philodendron every time you water to help it grow evenly.


How Often Do I Need To Water My Brandtianum? 

Medium demand – *Always check how damp the soil is before watering*

Water well, and then let the soil almost dry out before watering again. If the plant gets too much water, it is at risk of rot.  

Water type unsensitive – Normal tap water is fine for your Philodendron.


What Temperature Is Best For My Philodendron?

The recommended temperature for your new house plant to thrive, making it happy and healthy, is between 16 °C-27 °C.


How Do I Fertilise My *Philodendron Brandtianum?

Only fertilise your Philodendron Brandtianum if it is actively growing (putting out new leaves).

Use a weak fertiliser at half the recommended dose if you are not sure. Most house plants will go dormant in winter and stop growing so will not need to be fertilised.

If you fertilise a dormant plant, it will not absorb the nutrients. The nutrients will instead stay in the soil and can cause chemical burns to your house plant.

To avoid chemical burns to your house plant, use a natural fertiliser for your Philodendron, like our Silver Soil Booster.


What Humidity Is Best For This House Plant?

High humidity (Between 70-100%) – This means keeping them in a warm, humid, draft free location. You can increase humidity by either using pebble trays under your pots, grouping plants close together, misting in the morning, and of course using a humidifier. 


What Is The Best Soil For Brandtianum?

Aroid mix – These plants have thick, chunky root systems that require something to grip onto, while still being aerated & quick-draining. Try 2-parts coco coir + 1-part peat free compost + 1-part pine bark + 2-parts perlite.

Alternatively, we have the perfect pre-made Aroid Mix.


Is Philodendron Brandtianum Toxic?

Toxic – This house plant is likely to be toxic if ingested by humans and animals.


As with any house plant, please do not repot within 2 weeks of delivery as you need your plant to acclimatise to your house and recover from the stress of shipping.

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