Self Watering Moss Pole



Earn up to 18 Points.

Tired of your plants constantly drying out? This water wicking reservoir system moistens moss for up to 2-3 weeks (depending on your environment) so you have one less thing to worry about! Encourages aroids and vining plants to develop aerial roots and bigger leaves.

Available in 2 different sizes.

40cm and 60cm (please allow for a couple of cm over or under measurements as these are hand made)

LECA compatible, suitable for trailing/climbing plants.
High quality, UK grown sphagnum moss used.

Simply fill the pipe with water which wicks the cord and keeps the sphagnum moss moist.

**Please bare in mind all water proofing measures have been taken but may leak excess (not needed) water, as these poles only need to be filled ½ to ¾ way full.

Need a custom size? Please message us for pricing.

Additionally postage will be charge for heights exceeding 70cm.

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