Silver Soil Booster



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Silver soil booster is an add on product for any of our soil mixes. It contains: Activated charcoal and worm castings. Activated charcoal has many benefits such as: aeration, removal of toxins and gases, pest and mold repellent, and odor reduction. Worm castings aka worm poop is a natural fertiliser that releases nutrients over time. Unlike chemical fertilisers it cannot cause chemical burn to the plant. They are rich in iron, sulfur, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Instructions for use: Add a 100ml bag per 1.5l of soil mix and use when repotting. Sprinkle a fine layer on top of your pot and water in, once per month during growing season.


For bottom watering plants: You can make worm castings tea instead! It is a liquid mixture that you can make with water and worm castings. Just to be clear, you wouldn’t want to drink this tea! But simple use this ‘tea’ when bottom watering your planty pals.

Things you will need to make worm tea:

– Porous bag (An old tea towel, panty hose, cheese clothe, etc)

– Dechlorinated water such as: rainwater, pond, or distilled water.

– bucket or large bowl – Silver Soil Booster

1. Add your worm castings to the porous bag of your choosing and tie the end of the bag.

2. Place the bag of castings in your container of water and let it steep overnight.

3. In the morning the water should be light brown and that water is your worm tea!

4. Get bottom watering your planty pals using this ‘tea’ If you want to know more head over to our YouTube Channel and check out our soil video.

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